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Am a Kenyan female Pershing a degree course in Kenyatta university. I would Iike to call for help from any wellwisher to help me meet all my school needs fees,pocket money and accommodation mum is single suffering from diabetes and high blood pressure and so raising funds for my school needs have been a great struggle and sometyms am I even forgo or squeeze myself on some needs.please anyone with a heart of helping come to my aid so that I'll be able to complete my education.thanks all and may God bless u all as u read my post.
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carrilynn   in reply to sonshinesas
ok thank u
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sonshinesas   in reply to carrilynn
or try under college fasfa
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carrilynn   in reply to sonshinesas
do I just go online and type pell grant
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sonshinesas   in reply to carrilynn
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woman in a shoe   in reply to carrilynn
Look on line type pell grant it sure tell u how. When I got my pell grant the school did it for me
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carrilynn   in reply to woman in a shoe
yes how do I apply for a pell grant
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woman in a shoe   in reply to carrilynn
Well the person u posted to not been on here for some time now but have your son to put in for a pell grant he don't have to pay it back. Are look on line for other grants
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I am a single mom. At the moment I cannot work. My son who is 19 is going to college in August. He had good grades in high school. He got quite a bit of funding for his grades. But there is $7500.00 left. Is there anywhere I can get help for the funding.
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Hi I live in pakistan im an american national studying under the university of london external programme my parents are getting divorced my father wont suport me and my mom does not have the money will the Government of US support me?
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Hello there my name is Abadir Dulla 34 years of age am Ethiopian citizen but I left my country because of political affliction in the country the reason of bad policy, no human right, freedom of expression human respect torture ,detained ,prosecution and endless harassment since 2008 living in exile life . Kampala ,Uganda nakival refugee camps. Everyone in this world has some desire, goal and aim of life. Someone wants to become an Engineer, Doctor, Scientists, a leader of one country and Politician. Someone wants to earn more money or wants to become a rich man in this world. I also have a desire and aim in my life. Since childhood I wanted to become a Diplomatic . I have a lot of interests in education especial I need to study masters in international relationship in diplomacy or Development and I was too much in need of higher education but I don’t have financial to pursue my education .. Well after all above I want to say that my only desire was to choose my career as a leader for change and development of the contents . But unfortunately my eye weak or use spectacles. So, I was very sad that my aim and wish has been destroyed. But I did not loose courage, confidence and hardworking and I keep continue my struggle to fulfill my dream, I encourage myself that no matter I will become a great leader in future but again my way that the postgraduate available in any government university . So, I decide to study abroad (U.S.A.or Australia I want to take admission in any foreign University but unfortunately is here in my way. father and older brother was killed 2004 by Ethiopian government i was brought up with my mother. family of twelve members. There are many circumstances which my family is facing financially but after all under these circumstances i I cannot pay university fee of any foreign University as well as I am unable to support my study expenses. So, I am again disappointed by this entire situation being a poor student financially. I will have to leave my desire and goal to succeed . I still have a desire would that in which people feel comfortable and enjoys. I continue my struggle and it is a true saying that where there is a will there is a way, I am sending you this Email with a great hope and pray. now I hope that by the financial support you I will get my desire, dream and aim of life come true. My E-mail is
I don’t have any support all expenses of my education of my Accommodation, living expenses etc. in short I can’t afford my study abroad expenses. of any University. But I am desirous to study abroad to become a great leader I need Scholarship .Being a desirous student who wishes to study so, i need your support for further if my letter under your considerations hear your response .
I will appreciate thanks.
Abadir Dulla
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I have two school going daughters i am 12 grade pass from Pakistan and I need a respected job in Cooper City, Florida .please help me .
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woman in a shoe   in reply to Endeg Dessie
This person not been on here sent 2010
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Endeg Dessie
hello Dears I am Ethiopian also studying at university offering a degree in information technology. I kindly request you if you got information about schoolarship help and send it to me...
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Hello, my name is Charles Sam Arkorful, 28, from Ghana, West Africa. I have completed my first degree in ecotourism option and have been jobless for 2 years now. I have been volunteering for my family and church for the past 2 years. The issue is I have the passion for counselling and social work but have nobody to help me get there, I was convinced to offer ecotourism in that I would be employed afterward in no time and that counselling and social work doesn't bring money in our part of the world.
I have grown to know that this is what our country needs but everyone is going for what will bring cash directly.
I need a sponsorship direly because the people ignoring to help are the same people who will need my help after completing the education for my career.
I already have an admission to offer MBA Human Resources Mgt. at the UNIVERSITY OF NICOSIA, Greece, another path to reach my fulfillment. But need funds for 30% of the fees that i am supposed to pay and get 70% free.
Please I need this assistance direly. Your timely help would be appreciated. God bless you.
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luck for everybody
i'm 22 year old and poor student. i prepare to graduate one of vietnamese university. i want to have opportunity to travel, discover and study abroad.
I want to experience foreign life and speak in english well.
I dont have anything, it is just trying, Fervent and my young.
I want to dedicate one's own self for life and want to do significant things for poor in over the wold. that is my wish
who can help me? i allway hope to have opportunity for me.
good nice day
Talk to luck for everybody
Dear Sir/Madam, my name is Moses H.Carter from Sierra Leone, i have completed my senior father is a poor farmer and all my family members are poor, there is no one to help me to inter aim is to read information technology (IT).Please i need your assistance.God bless you,thank you
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woman in a shoe   in reply to Myanmar
Do u know how long it takes to come a DR I can tell u 8 years for to come a M D the only thing I can tell u look on line and see if u can fine any grants for your schooling good luck on this
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I am a 17 years old myanmar girl who has already finished 11th standard. I want to become a doctor and I am seeking to get a scholarship. As my parents cannot afford for my further studies, I need scholarships. Although I do not have an excellent academic background , I have quite high academic background.
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The Christmas Cat   in reply to jaquar85
Your welcome don't know if you went back and looked at that site also and saw my other post
Fafsa is your best option for U.S. American financial Aid but you cannot be lazy or a procrastinator with the application process most applications are accepted by May and should be handed in at least by april for acceptance by May as soon as you receive your
yearly tax info start applying right away.They sometimes ask for this to be sent from the Tax office itself so early applications to this are essential.They also ask you to apply to the school you will need it for because they send it straight to the school you've picked and been accepted to..So get accepted somewhere first like community college which is easy.. Do not lie about anything on the form they can find out if its true.Be honest about cars bills ect. and just because one year you didn't make it try again the next year .
The application process is time consuming and can be complicated for some but many online sites will help explain the process to you. If your going to be a college student get use to filling out forms.There are also many scholarships online that are based on many different nationalities and subjects keep looking for one that matches your heritage and nationality some are based on skills some are based if you are a mom or had a veteran as an ancestor some base it on are you involved in the community you live in ..
Join a scholarship site and they will send you recommendations on the profile you give to the site
don't give up there is help
good luck to all.
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