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Does anyone know of any loan programs that help people out of debt?

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I would like to write a book on life in another country.  What types of grants are available to me?

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I need money for tech school but I dont have good credit for sallie mae loan is there any help out there i'm in upstate NY (albany) need help now!!!!

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Im looking for a way to house recovering drug addicts, could the goverment help?

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The professional chefs in culinary schools teach students with the art of cooking. These schools offer latest programs and necessary skills to help students find their perfect profession after graduation.

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I have went through your articles and found it meaningful...i thought it is very useful and i forwarded it to my is very necessary for students to get a financial aid...



Suffering from an addiction. This website has a lot of great resources and treatment centers.
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I would like to go back to school and get my 2nd bachelors in engineering. My wife and I both have to work to support the house and our son. I would like to attend school full-time to finish in 2 1/2 years versus part-time and take 4-5 years. Any advice on how/who/if funding can be obtained for the purpose of paying bills while I go to school. I will take out student loans if neccessary but money for bills is what I am looking for.

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Currently I am a high school senior, Graduating in 5 days. I am frantically searching for more aid towards a teaching degree in art. I have been accepted into college, yet the total cost of one year is almost 35 thousand dollars. As of now i have about half covered by fafsa's help, yet with no help from my parents who are putting my older brother through college, I really need help. I'm Majoring in Art Education, hoping to get my teaching certificate in k-12. I have a bunch of my art work as well if anyone is interested in contacting me about scholarship aid in my case, please please contact me. I really need your help to get through this.


Thank you,


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Byron Bates

I am a licensed  individual Health insurance agent in the state of florida.  I have a number of uninsured folks here in florida that I know could use my expert analysis of getting approved and finding an insurance company for them to fit their needs.  Is there any federal funding that could be set up so we can begin advertising for people who are uninsured and need some type of coverage so that when they have to go to the hospital the doctors do not have to just have a legal obligation to "stabilize" patients but rather "treat" potential patients !  I would like to see if any grants could put up enough money to see that all florida residents had some type of base plus plan !! My name is Byron Bates I can be e-mailed day or night at or call me with a response to how i can spend $15,000 a year to insure every floridian some type of coverage for their health at 813-833-2989 preferred contact times m-f 9am-6pm   

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Mona Reesa

I am a 30 year old single afro-american mother.  I attended Trinity College in Washington DC for four years part time and have about 32 credits and student loans of about $10,000.00 defaulting.  I want to complete my BS in Medical science and MS in Epidemiology. I there any advice or a path that you could show me.  I started paying on my student loans but I could use some free monmey for school.

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Are there any loan forgiveness programs for active duty military officers?

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Is there any information about applying for the scholarship?

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Does anyone know any grants for art students.  Please post me as much as possible. I don't have the money. and I really want to go to this college really really bad.

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I am working on Associates in Occupational (Xray technician), I just got the admission and classes are starting from Aug 08. I am applying for financial aid, and very sure that I will get financial aid. As the tutions and fees cost about 15K, I am also looking in to getting some scholarships, as I have been successful keeping my GPA above than 3.5 throught my career. I see a big list of grants and scholarships, and I am not sure which one is the right one for my career? Can any one help me in this regard?

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I'am a student at a nursing school who is lookinng for a scholarship for the continuation of my studies once am done with my degree in nursing. Am having alot of challenges as am passing through my level of education, most of which are letting me down. If anyone could asSist me so that i giet my masters degree after am done next year. I promise not to disappoint you. My email address is

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john de

I need a loan to pay off my mortgage and my credit is not great!


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Hey does anyone know where i can find some scholarships for cheap, preferably automobile mechanic.

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Hi i'm fafan does anyone know where i can get a loan even though i have no co-signer and no credit?

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any scholarships directly related to students who plan to major in a 4 year accounting program


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How dose one get started on all this red tape/paperwork

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