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 in response to hsgrad2be...   

Hello there, I would first check out trade schools in your area that offer classes for LVNs, their financial aid office can help you with the Grants, Scolarships and loans, it usually will take you 18 months to complete an LVN program.

Once you have completed this you can start working, I would go and get a job at a hospital as most of them have education programs where they will pay for you to continue your education so you can proceed to

a RN program.I will tell you to take a lot more math classes as the entrance exam for a good RN school is not easy and has a lot of math (Algebra) involved but you can do it.


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I am 17 and a high school senior. My transcript grades are not too impressive due to math(which i suck at). I want scholarships and grants for nursing but i am unsure of where I could go to get the best aid. My email address is




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I am on welfare and i want to do school online for my bachelors. My qustion is what do I have to do to recieve these financial aid besides a student loan.

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what kind of grants or scholarships are out there for single mothers

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Hi,  I am contemplating changing Careers from working in the Semiconductor Industry to a Nursing Career, I have been a Volunteer Firefighter/EMT-I for 8 years.  I am looking into the possibility of grants/scholarships but am having a hard time finding anything for a Married White Male (Retired Military), I currently still need some kind of income during the education process as well..  Any Ideas...  I am not in the "Need Based" category, but if I quit my job to pursue this education I would be in some financial need .. but really do not want to put myself in that situation....  Thank You  Walt Bennett

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Am presently seeking financing to obtain books and to attend a 14 day class to improve my ability to becoe re-employed. The costs are appproximately $4000.00 to get the materials I need and to attend the class so I may get certified. i've tried numerous sites and have had no luck. Any advise or assistance would be great. Thanks to all.

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cool_kid on the block

during high school i was top of my class but when i came to college it was a slow down hill from there but never the less is was a declining progression. My g.p.a is not where i would like for it to be and i would like to still recieve aid to assist me in my endevor to recieve an education. Is that possible? If so what sites or steps to i have to do to recieve?

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im looking for grants for lpn to rn program in mississippi   any help would be greatly appreciated  thanx!!!!!

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I'm in need for additional money for my tuition to further my Bachelors in an Entertainment Business Degree. Does anyone know where I can go to find additional funds? How can I get those additional funds?

I also need help to get my transportation going again so I can get around for my studies.

I am currently receiving financial aid through fafsa but it does not cover all of my tuition cost nor additional costs needed.

If anyone has an answer for me or can help out please contact me


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I guess this is where I would ask about grants, right? Ok - I am half indian american (1/4 charokee, 1/4 blackfoot). I was told I can get a check from the government each month because of this fact, and also I can get property, and a college grant also. How much truth is there to this, and where would I look into it?

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how do i get some financial assistance other than what i have already recieved through fafsa?  wanna start in january but im getting the run around!

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Would this pay for training in hypnotherapy?

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i need help on getting extra money for like gas and home expenses to go threw a eight month traing course for medical asistant trainning please help

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Foreign trained dentist looking to find goverment grants to attend NYU or Columbia Dental School. Anyone that knows where to turn? Any organizatioNs other than FAFSA?

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How do I get a loan that the money comes to me to help with my living. I had to go down to part-time to take care of my daughter while going to school. Please someone help. I have very bad credit so I seem not to be able to get a loan anywhere. Is there a student loan out there that can help me?

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How do I find grants to pay for my tution. I have a pell grant but it's not enough.

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 am not resident in USA, i live in european country, can i get use of this loan, since am also phd student and i really need funding.



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 in response to jmiller0921...   There are so many grant and scholarship programs for nursing students out there that it isn't even funny! There are especially some grant programs for single mothers who want to study nursing. Just visit my Grant Basics 101 Blog to take a look at some of the grant programs that are available!
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